Frequently Asked Questions


What is this amazing after school opportunity that people are talking about?

Right now is an amazing time to get into aviation!  Airlines and many other companies are hiring pilots.  There is a great pilot shortage.  If you are looking to get into aviation as a career, now is the time.  

You could even work your way through college as a Certified Flight Instructor making over $40 per hour!  Try doing that at the mall!!

Even if you don't want a career in aviation, becoming a pilot opens up a whole new world to you.  Many Colleges and Universities see a student with a Pilots License as someone they want at their school.

Many business owners use their airplanes as personal transportation.  It allows them to fly into and out of smaller airports closer to their clients without the hassle of the airlines.

We want to show our kids that they can have a future in aviation.  Whether it is as a hobby, a business, or as a career, flying puts you among the elite!

What kinds of activities will we do and projects will we build?

Some of these activities and projects involve:

  •  Go to a local airport and experience firsthand the airport environment and airport operations.
  • Exploring the forces of flight with multiple projects and activities
  • Building and testing working aircraft models
  • Using the models to experiment by changing lift, thrust, drag and weight
  • Designing and testing different propulsion systems for aircraft
  • Creating and experimenting with airfoils
  • Altering airfoil shapes to achieve best lift and less drag
  • Using charts to plan flights
  • Using aviation GPS systems
  • Learning and practicing navigation 
  • Practicing being an Air Traffic Controller
  •  Weather forecasting for pilots  activities
  • Introducing Space Exploration through rocketry
  • Building and testing various models of rockets
  • Many, many other projects throughout the year

What topics will we learn?

  • Aerodynamics
  • Aeronautical Decision Making
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Airport Operations
  • Airspace
  • Aviation Weather Services
  • Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Flight Instruments
  • Flight Manuals
  • Human Factors
  • Navigation
  • Performance
  • Principles of Flight
  • The Air Traffic Control System
  • Weather Theory
  • Weight and Balance

What am I purchasing and how is the money spent?

This is how the money is spent.

  • Instructional time - This is outside of school hours and we are NOT district employees.  The school does not pay us. 

  • Private Pilot study materials

  • Coupon for flight time 

  • Project Supplies 

  • Giving back 


Why should I join?

You want to take flight!  Be among those who have the honor of looking down on the world from a truly unique perspective.   

  • You want to impress yourself (and maybe that University) that you can truly accomplish something that less that 1% of the US population has ever achieved.

  • You want to be a part of a growing community of pilots and aviation enthusiasts and beyond.

  • You are not sure what this whole pilot thing is really about and want to investigate and learn.

  • You enjoy building and doing as you learn.

  • The list is almost endless.  

  • Its up to you to make it happen!